Kingdom of the Ark


Rating: ★★★★★

Kingdom of the Ark: That Startling Story of How the Ancient British Race is Descended from the Pharaohs

There is a problem with prehistory. By definition, there is no evidence of a cast iron nature. Hence, when the lay reader surveys the literature, we tend to start with the Von Daniken style ‘Aliens’ theories, and end up in the dry as dust academic papers. They may convince the specialist, but they don’t sell millions..

 Inevitably the tendency for even plausible theories like this one, will sound somewhat sensational. I happen to feel that with DNA technology, for example, we are closer to understanding prehistory than ever. Take some of the verification of Velikovsky’s archaeological writing, pure theory in the 1950’s, not so crazy today. Plenty of scope for David Rohl, Blackett and Wilson (check outMoses in the Hieroglyphs  ), and indeed Lorraine Evans to fill in some pieces. Why critize the details? Well done for some convincing work and a good book to boot.

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