In God We Trust -1980 DVD

Rating: ★★★★★

From the outset, I had better say, this is not a story with universal appeal. It is a comedy of the old, slapstick style, with prehaps limits for today’s sophisticated CGI audiences. That said, it packs a few laughs in between the cringe moments. However, I write this in memory not just of Marty Feldman’s Brother Ambrose, but Andy Kaufman’s Amageddon T Thunderbird.
This character sends up to perfection those Fundamentalist TV evangelists who cynically prey on whoever listens to their version of the Gospel, but for whoever actually picks up the original, would see their counterparts denounced by Christ and the Apostles.
Two quotes from Armageddon’s TV show (as a taster) ‘Money can’t buy happiness. Only Power can do that!’..’You can fool some of the people some of the time, but some of the people all of the time- and the’re the ones we’re goin’ to get!’  More subtlety, I don’t think mainstream religion gets off lightly either, I found it very telling when innocent Brother Ambrose, working in a religious knick-knacks business, cries as he nails images of Christ to little wooden crosses. Makes you think, would you want to be remembered that way?
Pity on the whole, this movie is so expensive or hard to get. Is someone out there buying up all available copies? Maybe I’ve been watching too many conspiracy theories lately…

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