The Fugitive -1993 DVD


Rating: ★★★★★

The Fugitive – Special Edition [DVD] [1993]

The 1993 thriller starring Harrison Ford represents much that is best in film, superb acting and directing, gripping story line from start to finish, great dialogue and sequencing, including the train crash and “suicide” jump over the dam..

 Some reviewers have raised the issue of minor errors, such as Gerard shooting at Kimble after the lawman appears to realise he is innocent (i.e. after the hospital life saving scene) but this type of nit-picking seems as futile as complaining it would be impossible to survive the fall over the dam etc, etc.
The case of Doctor Sam Sheppard, convicted of killing his wife in 1954, and overturned after a ten year sentence, with the weight of evidence, on balance, against their handyman, is worth a look. `The Fugitive’ especially the earlier TV series, is said to have been inspired by this case. The trial judge appears to have considered Sheppard guilty before the trial began,”He’s guilty as hell. There’s no question about it.” In any event, it is a clear example of the media prejudicing the jury, “Why Isn’t Sam Sheppard in Jail?” as one headline read.
The story line of corruption by the fictional company Devlin Macgregor was interesting, as a drug company fraudulently interfering with test results in pursuit of profits is hardly improbable. The idea in `The Fugitive’ though, seems to be what might be sufficient motive to justify multiple killings, not to mention the framing of Dr Richard Kimble. The fact is, in the real world, human life can be worth a lot less.

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