The Two Babylons

Rating: ★★★★★

The Two Babylons: or, the Papal Worship Proved to be the Worship of Nimrod and his Wife (1916) by Alexander Hislop

Hislop’s work, nearly 100 years old, is still the best starting point for studying comparative religion. Of course, there is much in it that is no longer valid, and so long as the Vatican still stands,it will probably always feature on their banned books list, however, the main theme of the book is incontestable, which is probably why I know of no serious rebuttal.

Just a quick comment on those who feel such a book is an attack on their faith, true faith is not blind faith, and so if there was no dialogue on the foundations or basis of that faith, would it not prove to be built on sand? If genuine, not only would it withstand constuctive criticism, but would welcome it.

One thought on “The Two Babylons”

  1. After reading your article, I wanted to disregard it all together. This goes to show how the modern day Christmas tradition has really been corrupted. I have always thought of myself to be a true Christian, however, when I think about how I worship God through pagan traditions, it makes me question whether or not I am worshiping him according to the Bible. This is now something that I will change. I will continue to worship God daily, but not through the Christmas holiday.

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