Manage Your Mind: The Mental Fitness Guide


Rating: ★★★★★

Manage Your Mind: The Mental Fitness Guide

When I bought this book I was skeptical, because with all the self-help books and magazines now available, I tend to steer away from the ones that try to cover too much ground. ‘Manage your mind’ has sections on relationships, anxiety and depression, breaking free from bad habits, and how to study and improve your memory.

 So why didn’t it fall into my ‘avoid’ category? It doesn’t, it deserves five stars for coherently talking you through each problem. It contains one of the best ‘further reading’ sections I have seen in such a book, and this tells me the authors acknowledge that there will be awkward customers who need more information on their pet problem.
Seriously though, many people who suffer from stress and anxiety (who doesn’t today?) often seem to think that out there must be that perfect anti-depressant, supplement, or therapy, and all they have to do is find it. It always seems preferable to disciplining yourself and sitting down with a friend to face the root of the problem, in other words, lack of motivation. This is not meant to suggest the problems people face are not serious, far from it, if you look at some of the recent cases of people facing material ruin, comitting suicide, or even killing the whole family, you know something must have gone wrong sometime ago.
Another feature of mental health problems, apart from a serious shortage of meaningful help, is recognizing the problem in the first place. This book is a practical tool, so why not buy it just in case?

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