What About Bob? -1991 DVD


Rating: ★★★★★

What About Bob? [DVD] [1991]

Having read other comments on Amazon, I’d say they are pretty fair, even the critical ones, after all, particularly with comedy, one man’s meat is another man’s poison! I was recommended this film, and enjoyed it enough to watch a couple of times and now recommend myself.

Bill Murray is great, but I particularly liked Richard Dreyfuss’ portrayal of Leo Marvin, not least of all because so many professionals seem to have too high an opinion of their abilities (and no sense of humour!). Without too much analysis (or I might sound like Leo, sorry, Dr Marvin) it is thought provoking that a very real ‘them and us’ attitude prevails in the mental health business, and it was great to see a big needle being stuck in that balloon! Hope you enjoy.
PS.. ‘Baby steps’ is such a great concept I wish I’d come up with it first!

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