What Women Want -2000 DVD

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

What do women want? How does Mars understand Venus? If there was an easy way, most men would take it. I guess this film proves reading women’s minds was no easy way. On the whole, I like to review books and films I really like. With `What women want’ I am going to make an exception, not because it is totally without merit, for example the fine acting of Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt and Marisa Tomei, and the great music. However, in my opinion, it is false to its premise. Before I get criticised for taking it too seriously, this is my disclaimer. I’m going to take it seriously.

Are we to assume it is criticising men for being too `macho’? If so, why was Nick more likeable before he softened up? If Darcie was really such a man hater, what exactly changed her mind? His confession? You didn’t need to read minds to see what he did to her. Come to think of it, this was true of most of the `mind-reading’. Are women really so obsessed by trivia? I like to think not.
This film has been compared with A Christmas Carol, and here the character of Tiny Tim was Erin. Nick’s new look at her was one of the ways we were shown he was a changed man. However, if it was really her shoddy treatment at work that led to her contemplating suicide, why look overjoyed when he offered the promotion? Surely a `girl power’ story demands that she tell him what to do with the job?
My main criticism I would like to save for Nick’s despicable treatment of Lola. Couldn’t the storyline have been just a bit more believable, than for her to be fobbed off by him after he slept with her? The casual amorality, and apparent lack of consequence, for me at least, is a dangerous lie. Hollywood once censored this type of storyline with the same rigour of sex movies. Poison is still poison when in a lemonade bottle.
I enjoyed that. I should write more negative reviews!

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